Think Before You Bite

March 21, 2009

A labour of love 20 years in the making….and here we are. EAT CLEANER™ is here and the time is ripe for change, right now.
I founded EAT CLEANER™ with my dad, Dr. Shawki Ibrahim, Colorado State University Emeritus Professor and Ph.D., Environmental Health Sciences. As a concerned grandfather and me, a doting mother of two, we set out to create a line of products that would help others that care about their families take food safety into their own hands.

Dr. Ibrahim (aka ‘dad’) has been an accomplished writer and professor for over 30 years, and began challenging government agencies to strengthen food safety procedures after receiving contaminated seafood at his local grocery store. I cut my teeth in the natural foods industry 15 years ago as the marketing manager and editor of Alfalfa’s Markets monthly magazine, “Healthy Choices,” I began my food and retail marketing career writing about sustainable agriculture and food safety issues (Food, not Phood) over 15 years ago. Dad’s brainchild and my love for all things culinary – coupled with our mutual love for my kids – fueled the fire for this joint venture.
When it comes to health, we all want to do the right thing but half-truths and inconclusive information can clutter an otherwise logical vision. Our eat cleaner ™ mission is to set the record straight on what’s on our plates. Join the Clean Plate Club and you’ll understand that a lot of food safety issues rest squarely in our hands. We can make all make a difference…So remember to…


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