An Über Clean Apple a Day

April 7, 2009

A clean apple a day


Give one to your teacher.  Eat one a day to keep that icky doctor away.  As wholesome of a snack as anyone could think of.  But as tempting as from the hand of Eve in that ill-fated garden scene, so may be the apples that you pick up at your favorite market. 



The Environmental Working Group, a non-profit organization that has done extensive pesticide residue testing on our favorite fruit and vegetables, found conventional apples had the second-highest pesticide load among 44 fruits and vegetables evaluated. Apples were behind only peaches, the most highly sprayed fruit, largely attributed to its delicate flesh and soft skin being awfully tempting to insects.  Just under 94% of conventional apples tested had detectable pesticides, at an average of 0.89 parts per million. 



It may not seem like a lot but there is growing scientific consensus that even very small doses of pesticides can wreak havoc, especially during vulnerable periods of in utero and early childhood development, and with the elderly.  Substances like Azinphos methyl, a dangerous neurotozin banned in Europe, are still commonly used on apples.  Exposure to pesticides is linked to chronic diseases including Parkinson’s Disease, child and adult cancers. 



The bottom line is many pesticides are water-resistant to help withstand the elements, so rinsing them under water just won’t get the job done.  My daughter, the pretty little girl in this pic, meticulously cleans her apples with our Eat Cleaner™ wipes.  The ingredients are formulated to help strip away the wax and pesticides while thoroughly cleaning dirt and the handprints of everyone who touched it before us.  We carry the travel pack of wipes in my purse so we can grab fruit on the go – a much healthier alternative to the temptations in the checkout aisle.



We’re taking matters into our own hands.  Now how do ya’ like them apples?








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