The ‘Er’ in Everyday

May 10, 2009

IMG_1981At Eat Cleaner, we’d like to think that to ‘er’ is human, to dine, divine.

Although April 22nd is designated for Earth Day, we believe celebrating the planet is an occasion for 365 days a year.  And when it comes to being eco-savvy, these times call for a new world order in actions and dollars. With every purchase you make, you vote with your green.  It’s not always about big decisions, either.   The ‘er’ in cleaner and greener means everyday choices that make a difference – both environmentally and financially – that add up to a lot when you think about  the billions who call Earth their home. 

Something ‘er’ that everyone can relate to is  eating.  I go to bed dreaming about the morning’s fruit bowl, meditate on a multitude of lunch choices while hungrily tapping away at the computer and deliberate the whole week about planning and preparing a dinner worthy of kudos from my kids.

So it seems to us the prime way to getting more ‘er’ everyday is to put your green where your mouth is.   Blaze the perimeter trail and follow the path to freshness by filling your shopping cart with sustainably-raised produce, bulk grains and nuts, organic and free range lean meat and dairy items.  Greener eating means less packaged, less processed choices and enjoying seasonal, locally  grown foods as much as possible.  Bring a reusable bag and walk or bike and watch your carbon footprint shrink before your eyes. 

I like to pick up a variety of different produce items and place them in a big bowl for visual inspiration – kind of like an artist’s palette.  With your tools in hand and ingredients at your side, let your imagination guide you and watch your masterpiece come to life.  What’s really cool is it’s an ‘er’ everyone can enjoy. 

Check out this nifty little tool…the Eating Green Calculator: http://www.cspinet.org/EatingGreen/calculator.html

Produce Bag Proof Pick up our reusable produce bags at www.eatcleaner.com.  Get a little more ‘er’ while showing some fruit and veggie love in high green style.


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