Hungry for Change – An Eat Cleaner Mantra

July 2, 2009
There’s a culinary revolution on the horizon.  We can just taste it.
 From the Food, Inc. movie, in theatres today (check out the trailer below) to Daniel Goleman’s new book “Ecological Intelligence” (author of bestseller Emotional Intelligence), there is an apocolyptic message coming across loud and clear – the future of life as we know it is in our hands.

Well, maybe that’s a little dramatic but much does rest in our choices and actions.  Everytime you pick an item to eat or drink, wear or play with, you vote with your dollar.  In your honest efforts to try and get greener, according to Goleman, you may actually be hurting the environment more.  What’s a well-intentioned eco-lover to do?  
For us, we live by the mantra, ‘think before you bite.’  Everyone can take a role and vote with their fork by making educated choices in understanding where our food comes from.  Ask questions and demand answers. 
If you’re hungry for change, eating cleaner can become a way of life, bite by bite.

Alyssa Milano on Food Safety  

Alyssa milano’s first reco: clean your fruit and veggies thoroughly. 




The new documentary Food, Inc., featuring interviews by Michael Pollan (Omnivore’s Dilemma, In Defense of Food) and Eric Schlosser (Fast Food Nation), hit theatres in Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York.   The film reveals a raw perspective on what we eat, how it’s produced, the perils of our palates and the gloomy state of our food supply. “You’ll never look at dinner the same way,” is the lead sound bite from the movie’s trailer.  Many of our Slow Food friends who sneak previewed the culi-drama last week agreed it was hard to stomach.  

Also noteworthy are the black & white PSA-style shorts, a “Take Part” grassroots initiative with actors Martin Sheen, Alyssa Milano – even basketball star John Salley all weighing in on the issues, including Farm Workers, Food Safety, and Animals as Food respectively.  Sheen begs the question, “If we are what we eat, shouldn’t we know what we’re eating?”  Milano states that, “for every case of reported Salmonella contamination, there are 40 unreported cases.”  (To give you perspective, there are 78 million reported cases of foodborne illness annually).  Salley offers that most meat comes from industrial farms where most animals are raised under cruel conditions, encouraging us to “skip the meat and eat more veggies.”  


So, grab some non-GMO, non-corn-based food and beverage snacks (that rules out popcorn and soda, friends) and get a taste for the future of our food supply.  You can also weigh in on your perspective at www.foodincmovie.com.

 Food, Inc. Trailer



Click here to watch the Take Part PSAs.



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