Are Pesticides to Blame for Belly Bulge?

July 5, 2009

If the hundreds of sit-ups, crunches, ab rolls and plank tucks you’ve been sweatin’ over everyday aren’t managing to melt off that extra bulge around the middle, you may want to take a second look at what’s on your plate. 

Our bodies are a finely tuned machine when it comes to disposing of toxins and waste through the skin (sweat it out!), liver, kidneys and lungs.  Studies show that chemical toxins in our food – especially pesticides, preservatives, artifical color and flavors – can overload our metabolic systems and cause a sort of ‘break down.’  Excess waste is often stored in the liver (causing mid-section belly bulge – aha!)

While it’s a great idea to implement a detox cleanse every once in a while, why wait until it’s too late?  By using preventative maintenance, you can clean up your mealtime act.  Catch some of these easy-to-follow ideas:

1)  Eat Cleaner.  Avoiding pesticides and hormones in your produce, meat and poultry is a great way to ditch the damage.  Don’t forget to use Eat Cleaner Food Wash & Wipes (www.eatcleaner.com) to wash away surface toxins along with potentially harmful chemicals and agricultural soils from your foods.

2) Avoid artificial sweeteners.  Steer clear of diet sodas and foods and opt for natural alternatives, like stevia and agave, which actually help to balance blood sugar. 

3) Drink more water.  Keep your system flushed and flowing with the clear hydrator.  Water flavored with freshly-washed strawberries, cucumber and melon are a great, calorie-free refresher. 

4) Brown is down.  Avoid processed white flour and opt for the darker varieties, richer in nutrients and healthful benefits.  Whole wheat tortillas, sprouted grains (Ezekial bread is the bomb!), whole grain pasta and rice.

Eat Cleaner Gets Pumped in LA

Eat Cleaner Gets Pumped in LA


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