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July 21, 2009

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Eating Cleaner? What does that mean?

While I attended the Pump Station Event, a couple weeks back, I came across a very fresh and neat company.  I love going to events to discover new companies that have noteworthy products.  While I sat down, trying to rest my sore legs from carrying the baby around in my tummy, my mom went and visited all the booths at the event.  About 15 minutes into it, she came back with a piece of apple.  I like apples from occasion to occasion, but I’m not a apple fanatic, so I told my mom I wasn’t interested.  Then she stuck the apple in my face and said, “try it!”  As stubborn as my mom is, I just gave in, and ate it.  The apple tasted really clean and fresh, without the waxy residue aftertaste you usually get after eating an apple.  She pointed at this table, and said you need to go check them out.

After I ate the apple, a lightbulb definitely went off in my head. I went over to the table to discover, Eat Cleaner.  Just the name makes you want to eat cleaner.  Mareya Ibrahim, who is the co-founder of the company took some of their wipes to wipe off the apples, to show the dirt that came off.  It was disgusting.  Whenever I buy produce and fruits, the first thing I do at home is to soak them in our filtered water.  I also try to buy almost everything organic.  But there are times when we are on the go, have no time, and there are not a lot of options.  So the Eat Cleaner line of products would be ideal for me in those situations as well.  I personally think that Eat Cleaner should be carried in all restaurants because speaking for myself, I go through at least 3 incidents of food poisening a year.  During this pregnancy, I’ve already gone through it twice, and it was not a pleasant experience.  I literally thought I was going to pass out, die, or even lose the baby.  It was a really scary situation.

Eat Cleaner is an all-natural, lab tested food cleaner that washes surface contaminants, pesticide residues, waxes and organic particles from commercially and organically grown produce. Eat Cleaner can also be used to wash and clean processed meats, seafood, and poultry.  Another added bonus, it prevents foods from browning, and you can use it to clean countertops and cutting surfaces, after food preparation. I would definitely visit their website at www.eatcleaner.com which has so much educational information about our foods and the process it goes from field to plate.

sm-Produce-WashI got to try out the All Natural Fresh Fruit + Vegetable Wash and the All Natural Seafood + Poultry Wash.  I bought a whole bunch of organic cherries from the farmer’s market.  I brought them home and sprayed them with the Eat Cleaner Fruit Wash.  I followed the instructions and let them soak  for approximately 2 minutes with our home’s filtered water.  After the 2 minutes were up, I drained the cherries, and rinsed them again with filtered water.  It was really simple process, and took shorter amount of time because whenever I soak my fruits, I let it soak for about 30 minutes, until I begin to see the dirt fall to the bottom of the bowl.  My daughter and I tried the cherries after it was all said and done, and they had a perfect snap to them, as well as no waxy residue aftertaste. It definitely had me smiling. 

sm-Seafood-WashFor dinner, we had shrimp with rice.  I don’t eat poultry, so shrimp was perfect in seeing what the Eat Cleaner could do to it.  I let the shrimp thaw all day, and put them into a bowl.  Once they were thawed, I rinsed them with filtered water.  I drained them and then sprayed them with the All Natural Seafood spray.  I soaked them for 2 minutes with filtered water, and they were ready to be grilled.  When I ate them, I didn’t notice that much of a difference in taste, however, I noticed that the seafood smell was almost non-existent. With my daughter, she does not like eating seafood because of the foul odor it can give off, so this spray was great in releasing and removing that odor.

Eat Cleaner is such a great product for every household to prevent food borne illness and pesticide consumption. Especially, those of us who are pregnant or nursing, and have children, especially infants. The lab tested products were 99.9+% effective in killing Salmonella and E. Coli. That alone is very convincing to me in using the products.  Also, another fact that I did not know was that because organic products are grown in fresh and recycled manure, we have to be more careful.  I thought being organic was the answer to eating clean, but I guess not.  Another great thing for us mommas is that those apples that we pack our children’s lunches, don’t have to be brown anymore, just spray on some Eat Cleaner and they will look good as new.  For more information please visit them at www.eatcleaner.com.


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