Julie and Julia – One Sweet Inspiration

August 31, 2009

The power of one.  It took one woman  – with all her charm and passion- along with a healthy appetite, to chart the course of another.  And it all came together in the kitchen. 

One match.  One flame.  One bite.  One soul.   

We’re all inundated with bounty.  Choices, decisions, friends, tasks, emails, voicemails, family, Costco packs, honey-do’s.  So much so that as we weed through all of the things we have to do, one can seem like just one too much.  But when you boil it all down, one may be all we need to move a mountain, to take a leap of faith, to ride a wave of success, to achieve complete bliss.   It may sound incredulous and even naive, but for one person, it took one inspiration, one decision, and one person to believe in her to make her life more bountiful than she could have ever imagined.

If there was one thing I would like to share, it’s the importance of mealtime.  One experience, one laugh, one unforgettable conversation over the table can sow the seeds for a lifelong friendship.  One dish, one flavor, one aroma can forever change how a person thinks about the food on their plate.  One caring soul, one gesture, one unselfish act of kindness can soften the shell of bitterness.  One dinner shared with one person can leave indelible, beautiful memory they’ll always cherish.

We thank Julie and Julia for inspiring us at Eat Cleaner to be one better, one stronger, one kinder so we can share our message of a cleaner plate for all…one important bite at a time.  Pass it on and become a catalyst for change.

The power of one...a sweet inspiration for Eat Cleaner

The power of one...a sweet inspiration for Eat Cleaner


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