Get Jiggy with the Juice

September 1, 2009

If getting your 5-9 servings of F+V is a struggle, get jiggy with the juice. 

Growing up in Egypt, a prerequisite for a blistering hot day – about 10 months out of the year –was to pay a visit to the juice bar around the corner from our flat.  The proprietor, Abu Aly, would stack the counters up with colorful pyramids of oranges, beets, mangoes, guavas and pomegranates, depending on what was in season.  Vases filled with rods of sugar cane and long carrots anchored the artful arrangements to create an edible landscape.  Once the juicers started to whir, the sweet scent of freshness would dance through the steamy streets, luring customers in like a pied piper.   He’d create his own signature fruit and veggie ‘cocktails’, mixing beet with orange, carrot and mango, a soulful blend of sweet and savory.  At a time when soda hadn’t circled the globe yet, juicing was just pure refreshment.  No one ever mentioned it was good for us. 

In the upcoming issue of the Clean Plate Club, bone up on the fundamentals of fruit and veg power, get the skinny on why juicing can help trim your waist and sip on some of our enticing elixirs.  When you strip down the fundamentals of sound nutrition, getting back to our roots is the key to cleaner living.

 Visit www.eatcleaner.com and subscribe today. Pass the clean plate.


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