Frankenfood in 3D: Eat Cleaner weighs in

October 10, 2009

Cheeseburgers from Paradise - Eat Cleaner Weighs In on Feature Film FrankenwoodLast night, I took the kids to see a movie – their choice.  Without hesitation, my 8-year old took control of the vote and proclaimed she ‘had to see Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.’  Naturally, this had me grinning ear to ear, proud mama. From Big Night to Tampopo to Ratatouille and most recently, Julie and Julia, we’ve never missed a foodieflick.  So off we went with a big appetite for the big screen, sneaking in our non-gmo popcorn and bottled water (sorry movie police, please don’t bust us) donning our 3-D glasses.  This feature of the movie may have even made me more excited than the kids.

If you haven’t seen the movie and plan to, please skip to the last paragraph.  If you haven’t and are too caught up in the juicy details of what I’m about to tell you, keep reading. So, here goes…Flint Lockwood creates what could be considered the most important invention known to man…a machine that converts water into manna from the sky.  Hamburgers.  Hot dogs.  Chicken.  Bacon, eggs and toast.  Ice cream sundaes and candy hills.  It’s a veritable falling feast of indulgent bliss. 

But then something goes very, very wrong.  A greedy mayor capitalizes on the insatiable hunger of the global population and tranforms the town into a tourist destination.  Cruise ships full of visitors from around the world arrive to the newly crowned town of ‘Chewandswallow’ (Formerly Swallow Falls), greeted by fifty foot fountains of spewing nacho cheese and the promise of supersized steaks and colossal shrimp raining down in droves while a gigantic mountin of uneaten food frames the postcard scene.  All the while, the girth of the mayor expands to the point where he has to move his belly on a dolly and the local cop’s son has to be revived from a food coma. 

Here’s where the perfect storm starts to stir – like the kind of fierce frenzy that rips through you after a bad Vegas buffet. 

The demand for more, more, more makes the machine malfunction.   A spaghetti and meatball twister rages from the heavens and squashes everything in its path in a tomato sauce bath.  Cherries the size of small houses rain down whild gargantuan sushi steamrolls with abandon.   And because it’s in 3-D, the food literally pops off the screen and grabs us and consumes us in its impending terror. My daughter turned to me just as a King Kong sized banana was about to flatten half the town and said, ‘mom, can you imagine food that big?’  Laughing, I replied, ‘Yeah, it’s like food on steroids! haha”.  Ha….  Ha……..  Hmmm…

Yeah.  It’s exactly like food on steroids.  Just like the strawberries I saw at the store the other day that were almost the size of my fist.  Similar to the apples that weigh in at almost 2 lbs. each.  And kind of like the chicken breasts the size of DDs.  Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs is a clever wake up call to where our industrialized food supply has taken us.  And the moral is…more is not necessarily better and bigger can be a hazard to our health.  If it’s not pummeling you over the head, it’s weighing down our society.  In an effort to produce more with less, mass production has compramised the integrity of our waistlines.  As of January 2009, obese Americans (34% of the population) now outweigh those who are overweight (32.7).  That’s far more than half the total population.  So where does this leave us?  Are we hungry for more or thirsting for a reprieve from the storm?

Food for thought.


One comment

  1. Mareya,
    I haven’t seen the movie yet, but I will. And I appreciate your analysis and article because what you say is so true about obesity and the mentality of Americans towards food. I’m telling you, I gained 40 pounds when I first moved from Mexico because I was eating the big portions they served everywhere. Thank God I lost them already and learned how to eat normal proportions even though here in America serve as if the whole family is sharing the plate. LOL

    Anyways, thanks again for the insights and recommendations.


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