CSI Miami Digs the Dirt on E.coli

October 20, 2009

It’s sometimes difficult to discern if life imitates art or vice versa.  In the case of last night’s ‘Bad Seed’ episode, CSI Miami dug deep to expose the dirt on why food goes bad. Just last week, I met the mother of a woman who nearly died after eating tainted food herself. 

There’s a message here we all to need chew on.

On CSI, a woman becomes hospitalized after eating a tainted salad at a restaurant.  The team is unnerved by how quickly a seemingly healthy, young woman could slip so quickly.  And after diving into their investigation, they unearth the root of the illness:  cow manure infested irrigation water on organic crops.  

Meanwhile in real life Orange County, Alexis Sarti became paralyzed and blind after eating an ahi tuna appetizer that had been contaminated by raw poultry at a local restaurant.  Her mother, a teacher at my son’s school, saw me in a “Think Before You Bite” t-shirt and was compelled to ask me about it.  After I explained how our products work, she began to cry.  Then she told me why.

Although Alexis won a $3.2 million lawsuit, she will never have the life she lived before that meal.  Still in her 20’s, her mom shared with me the heartache of her trial and the long road her family has endured on her path to recovery.  As a mom, I could relate to the trauma she must feel knowing her daughter has suffered so much.  I explained to her that based on our third party lab studies, we proved a kill rate of 99.9% of E.coli and Salmonella. “Restaurants should be required to use products like yours” were here comments.  Then she went on to say “Thanks for making a difference with Eat Cleaner.  We need to all be thinking before we bite.” 

On the journey from the field to the fork, we know that there are several stops where food can go bad – from the irrigation water to the organic fertilizer to the 20 sets of hands that touch them after they’re harvested.  What we also know is that E.coli lives on the surface and is often the result of fecal matter, so if it is washed and cooked properly, it will be safe to eat. In just two minutes, you can take  food safety matters into your own hands and let the people you love in your life know how they can do the same. 

Food should be our pleasure, not our pain.

Eat Cleaner helps to cut through the crud.  Dig it?

Eat Cleaner helps to cut through the crud. Dig it?


One comment

  1. People are still not capable of discerning these situations in life!! I did not like the way the producers of CSI Miami handled this delicate topic.

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