Richer in Experience and Conviction

November 22, 2009

To all our friends, family and supporters who rocked the vote for us…THANK YOU. 

It was an emotional journey that started in August. As one of almost 1,000 entries submitted, we were lucky enough to make it into the finals, one of 13 companies, to pitch our business at the Inc. Magazine/Alibaba.com Newpreneur of the Year event in San Francisco last week.  And while we didn’t win in the conventional way, we are richer in knowing the time is ripe for Eat Cleaner.

We created our brand to set the record straight on what’s on our plates, helping people put food safety and savings into their own hands.  People are eating at home more than ever and there’s never been a time when people were more concerned about how food is handled, how far it travels and the 20 sets of hands that have touched it before it reaches our mouths.

With 78 million reported cases of foodborne illness last year alone, most could have been avoided if the food was handled properly.  The fact is, we wash our hands with soap and water and douse them in hand sanitizer – which has enjoyed a 500% increase in sales this year alone – but our food is lucky if it gets a flash through the faucet.

Yes, we launched during one of the worst economic recessions in history.  But the fact is, we all gotta’ eat and after looking at the products out on the market, we knew we could make ours better while putting value back into the consumers pocket.   From the formulations to the packaging, go-to-market strategy and education, we created a solution that would not only get under the surface of food to make it healthier, but to also make it taste better and last longer…up to 200% longer.  So for less than your morning latte, you can enjoy cleaner, safer eating for a month.  The product pays for itself.

As retailers are starting to get on board with us, and we hear stories about people who have become raving fans, we know the real reward will be getting our products into people’s hands and to reap the support of all of you. 

 From our family to yours, have a healthy, safe Thanksgiving holiday.




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