Take Part in Making Our Food Safe

November 25, 2009

 Our friends at the Make Our Food Safe coalition are organizing a photo petition to Congress, and we thought you might be interested in taking part. Read on to learn how you can help remind our leaders that American families want action on food safety now.

Preparing Thanksgiving dinner is stressful enough without worrying whether the food you serve your family is contaminated. That’s why the U.S. Senate needs to pass legislation before the end of the year that will improve food safety and give you one less thing to worry about over the holidays. We say American families have waited long enough. And that’s why this Thanksgiving, We are hoping you’ll help make sure the U.S. Senate gets the picture about food safety – by adding your photo to our Make Our Food Safe photo petition!

1. Make a sign that says, “Make my food safe for the holidays.”

2. Ask your family members to join you – if possible while you’re together for Thanksgiving.

3. Take a picture of you holding the sign. (Hold up your Eat Cleaner products while you’re at it!)

4. Send the photos to development@safetables.org – we’ll collect the photos, make them into holiday greeting cards, then deliver them to senators on Capitol Hill, in their local districts, and online in December. All photos need to be emailed by December 4th. To make our petition even bigger, forward this message to your family and friends today, asking them to submit a photo too!

Happy Thanksgiving and thank you for your help.


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