Lighten your Load this Holiday: Part 1 of 4

November 29, 2009

The day after Thanksgiving, I had the worst hangover.  And I didn’t have anything to drink.  Once in a while, we just have to splurge on a heavy meal full of carbs and fat, but this time of year can leave you weighted down.  So between now and New Year’s Eve, I rely heavily on my juicer.  It’s a miraculous little appliance that lets me pack a day’s supply of fruit and vegetables into a convenient, sippable treat. 

Need I extoll the virtues of fresh juice?  Well, since you asked…live enzymes, vitamins, minerals, fiber, antioxidants, inreased metabolism, infection fighter, bone and tissue builder…and it’s helps everything move along the way it’s supposed to.  So when you eat cleaner, you’re doing it from the outside-in.  There, I said it!

One of my faves when the weather starts to cool is a carrot apple ginger mix.  Juice a bunch of carrots, two apples and a healthy tablespoon of fresh ginger.  I can literally feel the heat in my stomach move down to my toes.  Another powerful mix features equal parts kale and spinach, a few celery stalks, a couple of apples and a spoon full of spirulina – the ultimate green drink.  You can’t beat beets for their blood boosting properties, especially when combined with celery and carrots.  Fruit and veggies combined are a great way to cut the sugar. 

Get a jump start on your healthy resolutions with a glass of the good stuff.   That way, you can avoid getting sabotaged with the extra pounds we tend to pack on right about now.  It’s just one way to lighten your load this holiday.


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