January 2, 2010

 #1 Drink Alkaline Water.  Get yourself a BPA free bottle and fill it with 64 oz. of ALKALINE water everday.    Why alkaline?  It’s the essence of balance.  Our bodies are 70% water and our blood is 94% of the magical fluid.  That means if you’re drinking water less than 7.0 pH – which most of the water available on the market today is in the 5-6 range – you could be sending your body into a state of acidosis.  Acidicity in the body is linked with most of the modern chronic diseases out there.  If you’re drinking soda, make 2010 the year you kick the habit.  Coca Cola sits at about 2.5 pH, the equivalent of vinegar.  Alkaline water is between 8-9.5.  Soon, you’ll be able to buy alkaline water from Eat Cleaner.  You are what you eat…and drink.


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