January 5, 2010

#4: EAT CLEANER with the seasons.  Eat Cleaner knows that your food travels far and wide before it winds up in your kitchen and on your meal time plates.  That’s why we created our product to help eliminate the chemicals and germs that have come in contact with your fruits and vegetables before it makes its way to your shopping cart and eventually to your table. 

But Eat Cleaner isn’t just about making your food clean and taste better, it’s also spreading the word about other ways you can “Eat Cleaner”.   By shortening the travel time of your produce, it helps lessen its environmental impact and can boost your local economy.  Buying in season can accomplish both these things and the bonus is that your food is fresher, more nutrient rich and better for you (When food has to travel long distances they pick it before it’s even ripe).

Good.com has partnered with Always with Honor.com to create a guide to when fruits and veggies are in season in your State.  ” Produce travels 1,500 miles on average from farm to table. Minimize this by buying food grown locally. To get you started, here is a season-by-season list of when 10 common fruits and vegetables are locally available around the United States.”


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