January 7, 2010

#5: Fish from the right stream.  There are some things that you just can’t clean away from your food, such as mercury in fish.  But you can make better choices and it doesn’t mean you have to give up some of your favorite foods.  Sushi is famous for the spicy tuna roll but tuna is also notorious for its high mercury content.  Mercury consumption is most hazardous for pregnant women and small children but it’s not really good for anyone since it’s a neurotoxin and it’s stored in the fat in our bodies.  This accumulation can lead to memory loss issues to a host of other problems.  It’s just not good a thing.

Not only that, even if you think you may be sitting down to some yellowfin tuna, you could be getting bluefin tuna, a species that is literally on the brink of being fished into extinction.  Overfishing is another major concern for sushi lovers and anyone who loves to eat seafood.  It almost makes it seem like it’s not worth it. 

But never fear, Eat Cleaner has the answer.  You don’ t have to give up your sushi fix, you can eat smarter too.  Sushi can be a great healthy meal since it’s packed with lean protein and high in omega-3 fatty acids when the right choices are made.  And when you have helpful guides like this one, you know what kinds of sushi are low in mercury and sustainably fished.  If you’re making sushi at home, give it a spritz with our Eat Cleaner Seafood + Poultry Wash to help kill bacteria.



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