January 8, 2010

#6: Fuel burns fat – So many fad diets, such a waste of time.  The skinny is the science behind making your body a burning machine is pretty simple.  Eat frequent, small meals that are high in lean protein (egg whites, poultry, fish, tempeh) along with fresh vegetables (any and all – except for iceberg lettuce).  Pepper in some of these quality fat burners and you’re stoking the fire and NEVER letting it run on empty.

1) Green tea

2) Lowfat probiotic dairy (yogurt, kefir)

3) Complex Carbs (oatmeal, brown rice, quinoa)

4) Citrus (squeeze lemon on everything; eat oranges, grapefruit, limes)

5) WATER…WATER….WATER….alkaline water is best

6) Spices that get your metabolism charged up, like capsicum (red chiles, hot pepper flakes, etc), cinnamon and ginger

Burn baby burn...chiles can help melt fat

Compare your body to the finely tuned engine of a car… if it doesn’t have any fuel, it ain’t runnin!  Getting something into your system first thing in the am lets your body know it’s time to rev up and every 2-3 hours to give it a littlele gas (not flatulence :-).


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