January 10, 2010

#7 – Eat Your Sea Veggies:  Eat Cleaner wants you to eat your veggies but have you ever heard of eating your sea vegetables?  There are three varieties based on their colors – green, red and brown sea vegetables.   Many are familiar with nori seaweed that’s used to wrap their sushi rolls, but have you heard of dulse, wakame or kombu?  They are as varied as their color and provide an incredible array of health benefits. 

Some types of sea vegetables can help thyroid function because of their high iodine content and others, such as brown seaweed can act as an anti-inflammatory.   Even more amazing is the ability of alginate, another component of some sea vegetables, to remove environmental toxins from the body such as heavy metals.   They also contain other important minerals, including sodium, magnesium, potassium, iron, and zinc – all essential for proper bodily function. 

But exactly what can you do with these amazing veggies from the sea?  There are lots of sites that can help you – from Cheap, Healthy, Good with their Vegetarian Miso Soup to Chow Mama, which has an ingenious smoothie alternative – so even kids can get the benefits from these gorgeous greens.


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