January 12, 2010

#8 – Make it a Meatless Day: Eating Cleaner is a “Serious Eat” issue and one of our favorites over at Serious Eats are the Almost Meatless and Meat Lite genius team of Joy and Tara.  They make the brilliant point about New Year’s Resolutions and they usually revolve around food and eating less of it.  But that’s usually hard to stick to.  And on top of it, you usually set yourself up to fail when you make huge resolutions that are impossible to keep.  How about trying a smaller resolution?  How about eating less meat?  Vegetarian and vegan protein options abound from sausage to steak in the form of tofu, tempeh and seitan just to name a few. 

Eat Cleaner Tip: Have a cow for dinner

Eat Cleaner is not just about cleaner and safe food but a cleaner body, cleaner planet and eating healthier made easy.  Eating less meat fits all those criteria and not only will it lighten your body, it could help lighten your grocery bill as well.  Plus, methane gas from cows (yes, a byproduct of gas and belching) are a huge contributor to greenhouse gases and ozone depletion). It’s all about quality, not quantity and as these gals point out. A diet centered on plants and grains is healthier for people and the planet. It’s an Eat Cleaner dream come true, eat better and cleaner for not just your body but for the environment. Opt for wild seafood and free range or organically raised poultry and clean thoroughly with our Seafood + Poultry Wash to help reduce your risk of foodborne illness.  And it helps make your chicken so much juicier!For info and recipes, visit http://www.seriouseats.com/recipes/2010/01/resolution-eat-less-meat.html.  (Just a note from Mareya…I’ve been meatless for 4 months now and feel better than ever!)


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