Eat Cleaner Living Tip #14 – // Enhance your palate with a palette

February 8, 2010

You might think of your mom nagging you to eat all your peas but we all know that getting enough fruit and vegetables along with lean protein into our diet is the healthy basis of a sound diet.  The USDA used to recommend 5 servings a day but now we need to strive for 9.  So if I can barely squeeze an apple into my schedule, how does one get 5-9, Ms. Eat Cleaner?

Enhance your palate with a palette.  Getting into the 5-9 mindset is like painting.  Imagine a plate of plain white couscous, much like a canvas.  Like an artist’s palette, add a splash of ruby red beets, a dab of verdant green spinach, strokes of ochre squash and carrot orange and you can start to feel the energy build.  Eating a bowl of cereal?  Throw in a handful of berries.  Munching on a panini?  Heap on fresh arugula and slices of ripe tomato.  Twirling fettuccine?  Mix in sauteed kale or a handful of fresh fava beans and just like that, you’ve got an edible masterpiece.

Enhance your palate with a palette
Filling your plate with an array of vibrant color every time you eat can be a welcome treat vs. a dreaded feat if you celebrate what’s in season.  Check out the Fruit & Veggies Matter Calculator to see if you’re getting enough based on your sex, activity level and age.

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