Independence Day – Free Yourself from Foodborne Illness in 4 Steps

July 1, 2010



Grill? Check. Great food? Check. Salmonella? Let’s keep that one off the menu.As you get fired up for the festivities this weekend, keep these 4 tips top of mind. After all, who wants to be known as the host(ess) who made everyone lose their lunch?



Of course, we’ve got to start with clean surfaces, clean hands and clean food. Give fruit and veggies, including melon rinds and other fruit with peels a good bath with EAT CLEANER Fruit + Vegetable Wash to help prevent Salmonella and E.coli infection. EAT CLEANER Seafood + Poultry Wash will do a number on that fecal soup. Just give all chicken surfaces a good spritz, soak and rinse. Equally important are the surfaces that come in contact with raw and cooked foods – make sure they are clean before you start and are washed frequently. EAT CLEANER doesn’t contain chlorine and can be used on cutting boards and even your grill surfaces to cut through the grime.2. SEPARATE:
Raw meats and poultry should be prepared separately from produce and cooked foods. If you can, use separate cutting boards when chopping raw meats and produce, as juices from raw meats may contain harmful bacteria that can cross-contaminate ready-to-eat foods and keep your EAT CLEANER Canister Wipes within a hands reach – a great way to keep hands and surfaces clean. 3. COOK:
If you don’t have one already, get a meat thermometer to take the guess work out of the ‘doneness’ dilemma. Two numbers to remember: 145°F: Internal temperature to kill any harmful bacteria in steaks, roasts, chops and fish 160°F: Internal temperature to kill any harmful bacteria in ground beef. Take extra care with frozen hamburgers as these take longer to reach a safe internal temperature throughout the patties. It is important to measure the temperature in several areas of your cooking foods.

Get it on ice, stat. Perishable food should never sit out for more than two hours. If the temperature is above 90°F, perishable foods shouldn’t sit out more than one hour. Refrigerate or freeze leftovers promptly, and discard any food that has been out too long.



Everything you need to keep a Clean Kitchen, bundled in our EAT CLEANER Organic Cotton Tote bag. You get two of most items so you can share the wealth and health with friends and family. Pay it forward.
Only $54.99. Save $8.50 on the bundle PLUS Free Shipping.

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• Wash + Dryer Kit, featuring a BPA-free salad spinner, scrub brush and 4 oz. Fruit + Vegetable Wash Concentrate with BONUS offer Martha Stewart’s Everyday Food Magazine – 1 year subscription

• Fruit + Vegetable Wash Spray – 2 bottles.  Remove wax, pesticide residue and contaminants while prolonging shelf life

• Seafood + Poultry Wash Spray – 2 bottles.  Clean your food and help prevent cross contamination by cleaning surfaces

• Fruit + Vegetable Wipes – 2 packs Individually-wrapped, 6-Ct. Pouch.  Perfect for healthy snacking on-the-go

• Fruit + Vegetable Wipes – 1 Canister, 40 Ct.  Use them to clean everything that touches your food, including utensils, countertops and cutting surfaces




Enjoy safe summer grilling with a few additional steps that make a cleaner plate:• Char-no. You avoid getting too much sun, right? Resist the urge to char your grilled foods, too, as high-heat cooking of animal proteins can create carcinogenic substances called HCA’s.• Get leaner. Opt for leaner cuts and trim the excess fat to avoid fat flare-ups and additional HCA’s. Don’t forget to fill your grill with veggies, too, for added flavor and nutrition. Make half your plate the colorful part.

• Herb’n Marinate. Sugar and honey marinades can crystallize and char easier. Vinegar and lemon-based marinades are best. Add fresh sprigs of rosemary on top for flavor and health benefits, as the oil from rosemary has anti-carcinogenic properties.

• Flip out. Turn food regularly to help avoid overcooking, especially burgers, about 1 minute on each side and keep grill at least 6 inches from the source of heat.

• Plank position. Try grilling foods on a cedar plank. They add great flavor without the fat and help catch juices before they create flare-ups. Pick up a few at your local lumber supply and soak for at least 30 minutes in water before grilling to avoid a full-on bonfire.





San Diego Fans…Watch Eat Cleaner Founder Mareya Ibrahim on Channel 6 News on Sunday, July 4th presenting Safer Summer Grilling.





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