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Who’s Been Playing With Your Melons?

March 5, 2010

These melons have gotten around.

Not to get personal, but chew on this…most food has not only traveled thousands of miles, it’s been touched by dozens of hands that have been who knows where. You can bet that those melons of yours have made the rounds. Squeezed, sneezed on, prodded, dropped and even bitten into before they come home with you. What you need to protect yourself from isn’t always visible to the naked eye.

So before you bite, practice safe snax.

In January, there were several recalls of watermelon and cantaloupe linked to Salmonella. This pathogen can wreak havoc on your health, especially infants and children, the elderly and people with autoimmune deficiencies. What you may not know is that usually Salmonella is transferred from the rind to the inside of the fruit. So if you clean the outside thoroughly, you can enjoy those melons safely.  The same goes for oranges, grapefruit, bananas – really, anything with a peel deserves at least a good Eat Cleaner wipe.  A small, preventative step can make a big difference in the health of what you serve yourself and your family. 

The Cleaner Plate Club


Skinny Bitch digs Eat Cleaner…and we heart her, too!

February 18, 2010

We inhale every book we can get our hands on that dishes the dirt on the food we eat.  And there’s one that we’ve fallen in love with for its straight up, trashy talkin, no b.s. approach and that’s Skinny Bitch, the New York Times Bestseller co-authored by Kim Barnouin.  I had the wonderful fortune of meeting Kim at the Go Green Expo in LA last month with a former colleague of mine, Julie, co-founder of – a fortunate twist of fate!  After sharing our products, Kim provided us with this amazing testimonial on Eat Cleaner products, below.  If you haven’t read the book, I highly recommend it for its honest look at the food on our plates. Don’t let the title fool you!  It’ not about getting skinny, it’s a wake-up call served up like warm revenge against GMO’s, soda and artificial anything by a couple of sassy sistas.  The theme here is all-around health and consciousness around what you stick in your mouth. A slick guide for eating cleaner, which is right up our alley.

You can also get Kim’s mouthfuls daily on her blog  Sign up and getit delivered to your inbox faster than a (vegan)pizza.

“As a health nut and neurotic mother, I am a diehard fan of EAT CLEANER Fruit + Vegetable Wash. With the number of pesticides and harmful chemicals farmers spray on our produce, rinsing with water just doesn’t suffice anymore. EAT CLEANER gives me the peace of mind to know that safe, fresh and healthy food for my family and I, is just a quick wipe away.”

Kim Barnouin, New York Times best selling author of Skinny Bitch weighs in on Eat Cleaner.


Protection of Food Supply Faces Problems

February 12, 2010


By Bill Whitaker

(CBS)  When it comes to agriculture, America is indeed the land of plenty. Foods raised here and imported from around the world provide greater abundance and choice than ever before. But while our foods are bountiful, they’re also inconsistently regulated.

The U.S. has one of the safest food supplies in the world, but the report card is mixed, reports CBS News Correspondent Bill Whitaker. Every year 33 percent of Canadians get sick from what they eat. In the U.S., it’s 25 percent. But in England it’s only 2 percent and in France just 1 percent. In both places food is grown more locally and on a smaller scale than in North America.
For part of the CBS News series “Where America Stands,” a recent poll found that just one in three Americans are very confident that the food they buy is safe although the vast majority are at least somewhat confident that their food is safe.

Special Report: “Where America Stands”

Safety always comes first in 12-year-old Rylee Gustafson’s kitchen.
“I need to wash my hands … I touched my jeans,” Gustafson said in her Henderson, Nev., home recently. She, more than anyone, knows that even good food can hurt you. In 2006, on her 9th birthday, she ate a spinach salad and was infected with a virulent strain of e-coli.
“It felt like killer pain, and my organs started to shut down,” Gustafson told Whitaker.
Kathleen Chrismer, Rylee’s mother, told Whitaker that she panicked when she didn’t know what was hurting her daughter.
“You really didn’t think you were going to pull through?” Whitaker asked Gustafson.
“I really felt that bad,” she said.
She spent 35 days in the hospital on dialysis. Today she’s still wary of fresh fruits and vegetables and has a damaged heart, kidney and vocal chords.

The Problem
Her story is just one example of the problem of food safety. Over the last few years, widespread outbreaks in spinach, tomatoes, peppers and peanut products sickened thousands and killed nearly a dozen Americans. Every year there are 76 million cases of foodborne illness in the United States, resulting in 325,000 hospitalizations and 5,000 deaths.

Today Americans consume more fresh produce, increasingly from imports from around the world. But imported produce is inspected even less than home-grown harvests. “Ninety-nine percent of the food that you’re buying at the grocery store that comes from foreign coutnries has not been inspected by the FDA,” said Erik Olson, director of food and consumer product safety at the Pew Charitable Trusts.  Olson says the Food and Drug Administration is simply not up to the task. The FDA is responsible for 80 percent of the food supply, which is everything but meat and poultry.

The number of food producers under FDA jurisdiction has increased, but the number of inspections is going down. Between 2001 and 2007, the number of domestic food producers increased from 51,000 to 65,500. At the same time, the number of producers inspected fell from 14,721 to 14,566, according to the Government Accountability Office.  “They simply do not have the tools to really protect our food supply,” Olson told Whitaker. 

Gustafson traveled to Washington to share her story with members of Congress. She’ll probably need a kidney transplant when she’s a teenager. Until then, she just wants to see this bill pass.  “I would love to see that so people don’t have to take the risk,” Gustafson told Whitaker. “They know that it’s probably not gonna have a bacteria that’s gonna kill you or your child.”  Having safe food, she says, is not too much to ask.

This article may be found in full at:;contentBody


Eat Cleaner Living Tip #14 – // Enhance your palate with a palette

February 8, 2010

You might think of your mom nagging you to eat all your peas but we all know that getting enough fruit and vegetables along with lean protein into our diet is the healthy basis of a sound diet.  The USDA used to recommend 5 servings a day but now we need to strive for 9.  So if I can barely squeeze an apple into my schedule, how does one get 5-9, Ms. Eat Cleaner?

Enhance your palate with a palette.  Getting into the 5-9 mindset is like painting.  Imagine a plate of plain white couscous, much like a canvas.  Like an artist’s palette, add a splash of ruby red beets, a dab of verdant green spinach, strokes of ochre squash and carrot orange and you can start to feel the energy build.  Eating a bowl of cereal?  Throw in a handful of berries.  Munching on a panini?  Heap on fresh arugula and slices of ripe tomato.  Twirling fettuccine?  Mix in sauteed kale or a handful of fresh fava beans and just like that, you’ve got an edible masterpiece.

Enhance your palate with a palette
Filling your plate with an array of vibrant color every time you eat can be a welcome treat vs. a dreaded feat if you celebrate what’s in season.  Check out the Fruit & Veggies Matter Calculator to see if you’re getting enough based on your sex, activity level and age.

A Different Kind of Bedtime Story

February 3, 2010

Eat Cleaner Living Tip – Lucky #13 // Burgers that Won’t Leave You Lusting for Moo

January 25, 2010

Lucky #13: Let me tell you friends…we’ve never seen so many ground beef recalls packed together in a few weeks as we have recently.  About 1 million pounds worth.  Fraught with hormones and food borne illness fears, it’s enough to have converted this once carnivore into a meat-no-more.   Even as standards rise in the fast food industry, the environmental and health impacts from frequent beef eating is hard to stomach. 

So what’s a burger loving lady or lad to do?  Plenty to feed the bun-loving craving, from turkey to tofu, vegetarian burgers to vegan patties that wow the tastebuds and won’t leave you lusting for moo. Plus, they fit with the Eat Cleaner philosophy by eating lower on the food chain.  
For a Turkey Twist, Oprah featured Mar-a-Lago’s Turkey Burger as a favorite of hers and posted the recipe.  If you want the Veggie route, you can check out the recipe featured at La Vida Locavore that is fit for Vegan consumption as well.  The beauty of this post is that others in the community have offered their favorite recipes, including an interesting Mushroom burger recipe video.  You learn something everyday when sharing knowledge online.  

It’s all about adding flavor, so this is where you get can get creative.  Place them between a whole wheat bun or wrap them up in our favorite Ezekiel sprouted tortillas.  Get your 5-9 of veggies and opt for a wrap of crisp romaine lettuce and fill with a myriad of good-for-you fun like spicy daikon sprouts and sliced avocado topped with  roasted tomato salsa.  Add a slather of pesto or horseradish mustard for added kick.   My favorite?  Vietnamese style, with bean sprouts, cilantro, grated carrots and spicy peanut sauce. And of course, give those veggies a bath in Eat Cleaner Fruit + Vegetable Wash before gobbling.   We managed to convert the whole family and not one nose wrinkle from the lot!


Get Moving: EAT CLEANER LIVING TIP – #11 // 2010

January 18, 2010

#11:  Get Moving – We’re always running…to meetings, dinners, after our kids and after dreams.  But is effective exercise a real part of your weekly routine? 

Fitness is important to an Eat Cleaner lifestyle and maximizing it is important to seeing results, combining cardio and resistance training.  Many times we set goals for ourselves that are not realistic and when we don’t meet those goals in the expected time, we tend to throw our hands in the air.  Despair not!  There are all kinds of great fitness formats that help you get svelte and healthy that are actually FUN.   Turbo Kick Box (TKB to afficianados) and R.I.P.P.E.D. are some of our favorites of our and help get your blood pumping to great music with results you can measure in less than an hour.  Milo Levell is one of the most gifted hip hop instructors out there and takes you back with old school funk fitness.  Home based DVDs are available for some of them so you can do them in the comfort of your own home.   Or check out our friend Alex’s blog, a certified trainer and endurance athlete, for fitness tips like the burpee (no, not a post-baby belch).  

How about challenging yourself to  a 5k walk or even a half marathon run?  Or completing 30 really good push-ups?   The point is to push yourself further than you might have before and to attempt to test yourself and set a goal, one that is more reasonable and within reach. And the best part of such challenges is that you can dare those around you to do them with you.  It’s a means to bring friends and family along with you on that journey.  You never know what may happen and you may find that you push your fitness farther than every before, no matter what your age is.


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