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An ode to Moms everywhere

May 8, 2011

M-O-M aka superhero

Today is Mother’s Day, 2011, and for all the moms, grandmas, mothers to be, and women who have touched the lives of children, welcome to this exclusive club of game changers.  You have been blessed by perhaps the most complex of gifts, and you are capable of amazing things.  A cheerleader.  A goal keeper.  A mind blower.  A body grower.  A wealth of knowledge.  A care package maker for college.  A boo boo kisser.  A first crush listener.  A home of compassion.  A closet of borrowed fashion.  Tooth fairy, Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, Valentine’s Day Cupid and Birthday Maker, just to name a few.

Maybe most of all, you are a life giver.  You are pre-programmed to protect that life with every ounce of M-O-M in your veins.  Simba, protectoress…whatever you want to call it.  It is embedded in your DNA and from the moment you lay eyes on your child, you knew what your purpose in life was really all about. 

The purest love. Infinite and unconditional.

We asked you to tell us what motherhood  meant to you, personally, and I wanted to share your responses, and add my own.  Read below and be inspired.  Who could have ever known that a 3-letter word could mean so much.

An ode to MOM.

Annette RobertsonMotherhood is love. Infinite love for your children. Being your child’s teacher, protector and super hero.

Lisa HunsakerThe hardest job in the world! But the most rewarding too! Maybe not monetarily, but emotionally. I wouldn’t change anything about my journey for all the money in the world. Because having those little arms wrapped around my neck are more valuable to me than diamonds!

Traci Morey-Reynolds The best most rewarding journey I could’ve ever imagined…I started my journey 17 1/2 years ago and my oldest will graduate in just 6 weeks on my youngests 6 birthday who of which is a miracle baby…talk about shedding some tears…UGH……GOD IS GREAT!!! that is for sure…I love going through pictures and creating memories with them…I love every minute with my children they are the greatest even at their worst I love them so much they teach me so much patience, love, gratification…they are AWESOME!!!!

Janice BurkeMotherhood to me is setting an example for my children, in the way I live, the way I love, and also in my own self disapline…its a 24 hour job that brings 24 hours of reward! Seeing them smile reminds me everyday why I was created to be a momma!

Jessica Zylkowski BatesMotherhood is more love than you thought possible, laughter, hugs, kisses, tears, sleepless nights, excitement, all rolled into a ball and placed in your heart!

 Stephanie Locklear Kohn Someone once asked me what I thought the essence of a woman was and I replied, “I don’t think I can truly answer that question until I become a mother!” Boy, was I right. Motherhood is a gift that creates the love which makes our world complete!

Deidre Quiet Storm TubbsMotherhood is giving your everything to make sure that the person you gave birth will grow up to be the best person they can be. And all the snuggles and kisses along the way.

 Jenn Hooper-HerreraMotherhood is what makes you a better you. It defines the person you are, gives you strength, courage, humility and dignity. It encompasses your very soul and pushes you beyond all boundaries you though possible. Motherhood is the epitome of life lived.
 Catharina Davidsson Motherhood is getting and giving unconditional love. It is what makes you smile every day! It will most likely even make you cry every now and then. It is not always easy but it makes you a stronger person. It is the best thing that ever happened to me!
Paula ShemanskiI never knew life until I became a mom. Motherhood is joy, happiness, worry, fear, and best of all LOVE. The love and nurturing a mother gives is an amazing thing! ♥ Feel so blessed to have my little guy!

Amber Goetz LewisMotherhood is dying to yourself or carrying the cross. You find joy in giving to your children, and even other peoples children. Motherhood is limitless. You go beyond what you would have before you became a mother. There is a new light, a new joy, a new you.
Stephanie Quinones BrunsonMotherhood is sleepless nights, wiping runny noses, satisfying picky eaters, kissing boo-boos, getting pooped and peed on, and at the end of the day feeling so lucky to have your little one(s) that you would not change a thing!
Katie Schaffnit BrownMotherhood is…. Joy, stress, anticipation, pride, exhaustion, exhilaration, examination, smiles, tears, wonder, bewilderment, teaching, learning and most of all LOVE. ♥
Laura Fuentes Schneller Motherhood is loving another person(s) beyond comprehension. Having an unspoken connection to another human being and experiencing every emotion throughout a lifetime.
I am Mareya Ibrahim, the founder of Eat Cleaner and you have hopefully gotten to know a little bit about my journey.  Every decision I make in both my personal and professional lives are because I’m a mother.  Had I not been, I’m not sure I’d be the same person. It’s because of that I find the energy to stay up past midnight working to help my kids with their homework and read them a story.  It’s because of that I jump out of bed at the crack of dawn to make them breakfast and help them get a nutritious lunch ready.  It’s because of that I ventured into the scary and exciting world of mompreneur and made a committment to create a product that I truly believed in, and that could help other parents protect their children’s plate.  And it’s because of that I thank God every day for the many struggles and blessings.  Because I never felt meaning the way I do as a mom.
Thank you to my mom and all the moms before her for teaching us love, compassion, commitment and sacrifice for the greater good.  We carry your legacy to the next generations.
Happy Mother’s Day, everyone!
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